Continued Education for Natural Health

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The two most obvious benefits of CE (Continued Education) are to change with technology adding modern manual therapies to advance the healing process

Newly certified graduates and veteran licensed manual therapists can now receive empowerment and guidance while being coached through several treatment options that best suit their patients specific condition.

Our Continued Education Program at SBST ensures that all can jump right into advanced / modern style natural treatments of the rehab industry while they obtain their required CE credit hours from national approved providers. Why not give therapists the opportunity to work in our center and explore what they want to do rather than having to spend extra time and money for a specialty they may not have interest in.

What does this mean for the patient / client?

Anyone that has wanted to take back control of their health can now receive the knowledge while being coached through stages of a rehabilitation treatment plan. The healing process speeds up, less pain is endured, and the patient feels a sense of security with monitored progress.

SBST offers reduced rates on all manual and physical therapy for clients that are on a fixed income. Patients that have been referred to our center for weekly and monthly therapy will finally get to experience advanced manual therapy along with physical rehab treatment plans recommended by their doctor.  As a clinic member, patients may be able to receive reimbursement from insurance along with discounts on other services we offer.

 “Good communication, team work, innovation, and leadership are the keys to healing you properly. Each stage is important to complete before moving on to the next.”

the muscles of the lower back are especially subject to tension

“It’s a STEP by STEP process”

Each therapist is able to work directly 1 on 1 with our instructors in order to get the proper feedback needed. Most seminars / continued education classes have 50 – 100 students. Instead of learning from video books, pamphlets, and live demonstrations where they watch the instructor while practicing on someone else there to learn, why not add feedback sessions with the instructor and have a small group of 6 or less to make it a one on one personalized experience? Programs include a feedback “testing” stage where our instructors will empower and challenge their skills. The experience is an excellent opportunity for both licensed therapists to enhance their education and for patients that wish to stay on a monitored treatment plan that’s affordable.