Aquatic therapy

About Aquatic Therapy

Aqua or “Water Therapy” is perfect for muscle, spine, and overall joint health when integrating manual therapy, stretching, and resistive movements in this non-weight bearing environment.

The use of water for therapeutic purposes first dates back to 2400 B.C. in the form of hydrotherapy, with records suggesting that ancient Egyptian, Assyrian, and Mohammedan cultures utilized mineral waters which were thought to have curative properties through the 18th century.

Not only does aquatic therapy help with pain, but can benefit postural stability, meaning it can help to strengthen balance functions especially with people who have neurological disorders.

Benefits Of Aquatic Therapy

Many post surgery patients, seniors, and athletes use this method to regain strength and endurance in specific areas while healing.

Therapy in the water can easily increase your flexibility and range of motion without putting stress on your joints and spine.

Conditions most indicated for aquatic therapy include brain and spinal cord injuries, musculoskeletal problems, postoperative rehabilitation, pediatric disabilities, and pressure ulcers.