Why Manual Therapy?


Hands on rehabilitation has been used to treat several conditions since the beginning of time. Manual therapies are more advanced than ever before now that we have education from around the world. As we age or due to injuries, we dehydrate and our our nerves, muscles, and organs shrink. Degenerative diseases like cancer are anaerobic and can not live in an oxygenated environment. Since blood carries oxygen to the cells and circulation is necessary for optimal health, manual therapy will increase circulation, re-connect nerve pathways, and boost your immune system. Certain medications and pain injections can cause inflammation and have been known to cause other severe problems in our bodies. Detox of these foreign chemicals are essential to our survival.

A natural approach to medical conditions

Neuromuscular treatments help us become more aware of our bodies via manual therapy to the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Trigger points are activated with advanced techniques which allow for nerve re-connection. That would be like reconnecting electrical wires that were damaged from outside your house so you can have power. The more nerve impulses traveling to the brain, the healthier the brain becomes.

When muscles dry out, or dehydrate, the fibers stick together and the muscle becomes stiff or ridged. As fluid (new fresh blood) is reintroduced manually, the soft tissue regains its flexibility. As circulation increases between the muscle fibers, nutrients reach the cells to heal and toxins are carried off more efficiently. Most importantly, your immune system is boosted in this process. Manual Therapy is an energy transfer that cannot be duplicated by gadgets or machines. The oriental cultures call this energy Chi or life energy and is an important part of the healing process.