Therapeutic Massage for ANY Event

We’ve seen massage chairs at airports, malls, sporting events, and in the offices of some of the top companies. But did you know that having massage at your special event is not just possible, but affordable? You probably wouldn’t want just anybody with strong hands so why not make it a certified neuromuscular therapist? Make your guests, employees or fans feel great and know how much you care about them as you offer them the opportunity to get a relaxing massage with educational information on new natural therapies out there. 


Bridal Massage

Sporting Events

Our professional therapists have the skill set and knowledge to work with many different athletes.

Maybe you’re involved in a  high contact, high intensity sports like football, basketball or long-distance running. A 10k, marathon, or mini-marathoon in the works?

Or maybe it’s something that seems more relaxed but can still cause soreness from repetitive movement and being on your feet, like golf, bowling or darts.Participants in all of these can reap the benefits of a neuromuscular massage.

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  Bridal Parties and Country Club Events

 Show your bridal party how much you appreciate their friendship and support on your big day! SBST specializes in customer care and satisfaction. Or if you’re planning a formal gathering at a country club or other location, we’d be glad to participate!


 Corporate Events and Seminars

Treat your employees and guests right – include massage services as part of your conference, seminar, or other special activity. Even if it’s something as simple as a cocktail party for your valued staff members, you know that the extra relaxation of massage will be appreciated. 



Beach parties and outdoor gatherings

SBST loves creativity! How good are you going to look to your guests when they come to your party and see relaxing chair massage? They will probably think you came into some money. The truth is that it’s VERY affordable! Whether indoors or outdoors, offering massage to your guests really shows how much you value them.

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