Stick with us for a while 

    Simple plans for different situations 

  • live online support 1 on 1 with your therapist
  • step by step video instruction from professionals in the rehab industry
  • bill coding for insurance reimbursement
  • same day, late evening, and weekend appointments anywhere 
  • see the same therapist for treatment plans and monthly visits

Enjoy unique services that fit your budget as well as your schedule 

Manual therapy for chronic conditions

Sports reconditioning for active lifestyles

Skin care with rejuvenation treatments

Therapeutic and medical massage

Post surgical care with lymphatic therapy

Physical health at your pace that you control. Rates comparable to insurance co-pays


 Monthly Benefits

We offer preventative and continued care for your physical health accessible anywhere, whether we meet in our offices or from the comfort of your own home. Tele-therapy sessions and continued treatment support works out perfect for those recovering from an illness at home or for those that are constantly on the go.

Treatment packages throughout your plan term can be at a reduced rate to fit into your budget. Options include CPT coding for all your services for reimbursement, video instruction from PT experts, teletherapy with instructors, and unlimited evaluations from rehab professionals for whatever conditions pop up. Late evening, weekends, and same day appointments are just a few of the great perks. Get educational emails and TEAM progress reports specifically for your current condition.



Family and loved ones

Family members will receive membership rates and are able to come in place of you.  Any products or packages purchased will be at your member rate for them as well. Loyalty and faith in us will help you and your loved ones closer to a better quality of life. Each STEP in therapy requires targeted and detailed attention which is what we specialize in. Together we are a team so to us, you are family  




1 on 1 attention

Not only do we have the knowledge and experience needed in our field, our dedication to providing personalized patient care is are MO. You and your health are important to us.  SBST can guide you through your journey towards better health. Stay ahead of the game with personal detailed attention each and every session catered specifically for your condition. Hear about new advanced technology, techniques, or products to help here 1st as a loyal member