Stick with us for a while ūüôā

      Enjoy simple plans for different situations including phone, email, text support with video instruction during your membership.  Basic plans include same day, late evening, and weekend appointments. Premium and package memberships allow you to keep the same therapist each visit, reimbursement support, and home visits as needed. Month to month plans and yearly subscriptions available 


  • Manual therapy for chronic conditions
  • Sports reconditioning for active lifestyles
  • Skin care with rejuvenation treatments
  • Relaxing full body spa massages
  • Deep tissue and acupressure treatments
  • Stretching, yoga, and core strengthening
  • Post surgical care with lymphatic therapy
  • Aqua-therapy / Personal training / PT

We can switch up your sessions based on what your priorities are that month with guided steps to help with your current condition. Pain management the natural way!

Natural Health in addition to your current methods are the COMPLETE PLAN  for Preventive HEALTH Care 

 Monthly Benefits

Physical therapy, Neuromuscular treatments, sports massage/stretching, yoga/pilates, spa type massage, lymphatic therapy and much MORE. Additional single sessions throughout the month are at a reduced price. Treatment plan packages recommended by your therapist are at a discounted price while you are a member. Premium memberships include CPT coding for all your services, and help with health insurance reimbursement. Any lotions, therapy supplies, gift certificates, or products purchased are 35% – 50% off. Late evening, weekends, and same day appointments are just a few of the great perks. Get continued education on your condition with unlimited phone consults, educational emails, video instruction, and TEAM progress reports specifically for your condition.



Family and loved ones

As a Premier member, your family will receive membership rates and are able to come in place of you if needed.  Loyalty and faith in us will help you and your loved ones closer to a better quality of life. Each STEP in therapy requires targeted and detailed attention which is what we specialize in. When there is WILL involved, there is always a way. Together we are a team so to us, you are family  




1 on 1 attention

Not only do we have the knowledge and experience needed in our field, our dedication to providing personalized patient care is are MO. You and your health are important to us.  SBST can guide you through your journey towards better health. Stay ahead of the game with educational newsletters and TEAM progress reports specifically for your condition.