Benefits to becoming a Family Member:

Monthly rates starting at $69 per month with a session included each month!    

Each session is custom designed to fit your needs. Enjoy same day / late evening and Saturday appointments all with a certified specialist! Having headaches for a few days or need something done with the swelling in you knee? We can switch up your sessions based on what your priorities are that month.  How about if your daughter or husband had an injury and has some pain? They can come in place of you and we will evaluate and take care of their injury and get to the root of the problem.

1 session per month of your choice @ a reduced rate plus treatment plan packages of all of our therapy services that your family can enjoy!

Natural Health in addition to your current methods are the COMPLETE PLAN  for Preventive HEALTH Care!

 Monthly Benefits

Physical therapy, Neuromuscular treatments, massage, lymphatic therapy and much MORE. Additional single sessions throughout the month are at a reduced price. Treatment Plan Packages and Single sessions are at a reduced price when paid in advance by appointment only.  Any lotions, therapy supplies, or products purchased are 30% – 50% off.  Gift Certificates are also reduced for different session types. SBST provides you with personal one on one special care! We have the most experienced, trained, and dedicated professionals in the massage and rehabilitation industry today.




Family and loved ones

Your family will receive your membership rates and are able to come in place of you for a membership session or one of your treatment plan sessions.  We appreciate your loyalty and trust to help you and your loved ones. Each STEP in therapy requires detailed attention. When there is WILL involved, there is always a way. We want to be a part of your team so to us, you are family  




One on one personalized care

Not only do we have the knowledge and experience needed in our field, our dedication to providing personalized patient care is what makes us unique. You and your health are important to us. We don’t believe you should be treated like just another number. SBST will see you all the way through your journey towards better health