SBST Membership Terms and Conditions:


Membership Changes, Cancellations or Adjustments

You may send a request to cancel, change duration, or session type of your membership via email only 1 time per year cycle before a fee is applied. Monthly sessions DO NOT roll over and will expire within that month unless you have a Premier Membership. Cancellations or reducing the duration before membership expires will result in a $50 fee after we receive the written consent via email. All requests must be made via email – contract copies, invoices, coding, and bill preparation is a courtesy for our members and a $25 fee for a non member. If your membership fee or admin fee was waived at the time of your contract, you may be subject to an additional fee for changing credit card on file.

 Appointment Policy for New Patients, Non Members, and Members

You may contact us via phone, email or text to make your appointment. We do not hold appointments (they are 1st come 1st serve) unless they have been prepaid/reserved with a non refundable deposit. After making your appointment, you must confirm via email/text message through Google invitations or replying to your appointment email / text. NO exceptions. You may send a request to cancel your appointment via email, text, or voicemail 24 hours before the scheduled time without loss of a session or fee. Any request to cancel after 24 hours or not showing up for appointment may result in a $25 fee OR a loss of a session. If you are late for your appointment, your session time may be reduced. We ask that you respect our time as we will respect yours. You must follow appointment email confirmation procedure or session is NOT guaranteed.

Ethics and Conduct

We reserve the right to deny treatment at any time throughout a session or cancel your membership if the code of ethics and conduct is broken. Threats / vulgar comments to our staff will be viewed as verbal aggression. Sexual harassment, mental abuse, or act of aggression towards any of our staff members/professional therapists will result in immediate termination of contract without a refund.

Draping and Dress code

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing to each session. You may choose which undergarments to wear during your session since you will be fully draped with linens during therapy sessions unless receiving sports massage, yoga, and limb stretching (in this case, you will need stretch shorts or pants for lower extremity routines).