De-Stress and Escape

swedish massage coral springs

Just about everyone loves the feeling of pampering and relaxation. Providing sedation massage, relaxing cleansing treatments, and spa related therapies to help calm the nerves, SBST offers an escape from your daily routine and stress. Swedish style sedation massage provides an increase in circulation, aids in relaxation, and reduces stress. Many clients enjoy the “mini vacation” from daily life with other pampering treatments like paraffin, facials, and yoga.

A clinical study at the University of Miami, shows that massage increases mental alertness and accuracy in mathematical calculations. A group was given mathematical problems both before and after a series of massages and accuracy increased some 20%. Massage also increases beta waves in this study, which shows that one is more relaxed after a series of massages. This relaxed state lasts longer as the cumulative benefits of more massage at regular intervals are experienced.

Yoga with Biofeedback

SBST welcomes Dr. Kim to our group of specialists. We are excited to be working with her and what she will be able to offer our valued members.

Yoga, incorporated with proper breathing techniques, works well when used with a stretch routine in order to add flexibility to stiff muscles, regulate heart rates, and sedation of the nervous system. At any level of yoga, you should be able to notice benefits sooner than later. With technology, biofeedback has became quite essential to the mind/body awareness cycle of training. Studies and research have proven that people improved their flexibility 35 – 50% during the 1st 2 months. These type of treatments along with manual and physical therapy create the overall balance for the nervous system which leads to stress reduction.


This winning combination of hypnosis and massage gives the patient the best of both worlds where a positive outlook spoken in a soft voice is combined with the healing safe and nurturing touch of massage therapy. These treatments have been proven to help with stress management, weight loss, mental clarity, focus, vitality, blood circulation, memory loss, and other conditions.

parrafin-treatment-coral-springsParaffin and Ultrasound Treatments

After being applied to the body, paraffin wax encases the treated area, trapping heat and relaxing the surrounding tissues. Ultra-therapy with infrared gets rid of inflammation and boosts healing for cell regeneration. This makes it particularly helpful for treating stiff joints and alleviating pain associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, bursitis, tendonitis and sore muscles.

facial massage coral springsSkin Care and Aroma Therapy

Many people don’t realize that ultrasound imaging can be used to lift skin and promote collagen production. By using the ultrasound treatment combined with essential / natural oils with infrared lights to target deep tissue layers, we can increase the speed of natural healing along with skin rejuvenation. Unlike other laser treatments that simply target the outer layers of skin, ultrasound therapy bypasses the skin’s surface. It delivers the collagen stimulating ultrasound energy to the deepest layers.  “Ultratherapy” is a good alternative for those who cannot or do not want a face-lift or who at least want to put off surgery for a few years.