De-stress and escape

swedish massage coral springs

Just about everyone loves the feeling of pampering and relaxation. Providing swedish style massage, natural oil mixtures, Reiki, hot stone, cupping, and spa related therapies to help you escape from your daily routine and stress. These sessions when used monthly provide increased circulation, better sleep, and stabilizes hormonal imbalances. Many of our members enjoy the “mini vacation” from daily life as we add these type of sessions into their treatment plans.



Paraffin and Ultrasound Treatments

After being applied to the body, paraffin wax encases the treated area, trapping heat and relaxing the surrounding tissues. Ultra-therapy with infrared gets rid of inflammation and boosts healing for cell regeneration. This makes it particularly helpful for treating stiff joints and alleviating pain associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, bursitis, tendonitis and sore muscles.


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Skin Care  

EMS in combination with LED light therapy and essential oils can help increase the speed of natural healing along with skin rejuvenation from the inside out. Unlike other laser treatments that simply target the outer layers of skin, ultrasound therapy bypasses the skin’s surface. Soothing natural seed and plant based oils bring instant pain relief  for neurological conditions as well as burns and other recent skin irritants. “Ultratherapy” is a good alternative for those who cannot or do not want a face-lift or who at least want to put off surgery for a few years.