If you live an active lifestyle, injury prevention makes sense….

Sports massage, personal training, and injury reconditioning sessions blend well with an active lifestyle. Certified therapists increase ROM and work the soft tissues in each region for preventing injury, eliminating soreness, and enhancing muscle performance. Elite athletes have manual therapy done regularly as a part of their training program. It is used before, during and after sporting events.  

Bodywork is also very sport-specific, your therapist will have the knowledge of the way the body moves in a particular sport and determine what is needed for optimal performance.

After a hard workout, a great massage can relieve tightness in your muscles

What are the benefits?

Professional sports massage and personal training blended together in a treatment plan can treat a variety of injuries. Benefits include:

  • draining away fatigue
  • relieving swelling
  • weight loss
  • reducing muscle tension
  • improving muscle tone
  • promoting flexibility
  • relieving pain
  • preventing injuries
  • improving heart rate and blood pressure
  • increasing blood circulation and lymph flow
  • advanced healing of injuries such as shin splints, tennis elbows, sprains and strains, corked thighs, and tendonitis


Dancers, weekend warriors or really anyone can benefit from sports massage

Who can benefit?

While pro athletes like runners, swimmers, olympians, soccer players, football, basketball, and baseball players may be the most popular group of people using this form of therapy, just about anyone can benefit from this type of reconditioning massage as a weekly or monthly regimen.

Where and how is this session administered?

Stretching and core balancing is usually performed while the person is on low lying table or on an exercise mat. The speed (rhythm) is typically fast and vigorous while focusing on a precise muscle group. A professional therapist will normally add stretch techniques (known as passive/active stretch and Neuromuscular Re-Education) to the major muscle groups of the arms, legs, head/neck, and back depending on the type of activity or sport that is being played by the individual. Sports reconditioning sessions are very common around the world and have been helping athletes reach their peak practice and performance levels for decades.

Sports Massage in Broward County

Some of the common conditions we see include:

      • Back Pain or Tension
      • Chronic Pain
      • Joint immobility
      • Muscle cramping
      • Neck Pain
      • Repetitive Strain Injuries
      • Skeletal problems
      • Sports Injuries
      • Amputees
      • Pre-event preparation

Physiotherapy & Target Muscle Training

* New service added *

Physiotherapy is a model of health care where health, fitness, injury prevention and well-being are the focus. Work with a PT specifically on areas that will prevent a reoccurring injury along with helpful tips to add into your daily routine. Our TEAM can strengthen the community’s health resources by leading fitness clinics, educational seminars, and health classes in conjunction with treatment after a serious injury or surgery.