Pain Management

That you control, the natural way.

A variety of unique services by nationally certified and licensed therapists in our clinics, at home, or anywhere you feel comfortable.

One on one personalized care with customized sessions to fit your needs STEP BY STEP!

Why Choose Us

Post surgical lymphatic drainage, restorative yoga, personal development training, aqua therapy, and biofeedback are just a few new additions to our service menu.

  • Your treatment is customized to your condition
  • Multiple therapies integrated to eliminate pain
  • Certified health professionals and specialists available to you for continued support
  • Membership treatment plans with detailed 1 on 1 sessions
  • Extensive training and continued research in treating several different physical conditions
  • Providing continued education for patients and healthcare providers

Our Services

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Neuromuscular Rehab

Medical massage, biofeedback, manual therapy, physical therapy, and other holistic treatments for acute and chronic nerve conditions. Certified specialists, therapists, and instructors working together for your benefit

Sports Re-conditioning

For all who have an active lifestyle, these sessions increase ROM, flexibility, and remove deep scar tissue while eliminating most lactic acid build up for soft tissue repair. We provide the education and empowerment along with natural advanced treatments.

“Her dedication is unwavering and she is very personable.”

Manual Lymphatic Therapy

Stimulating the lymphatic system through manual lymphatic drainage will encourage fluid circulation and cell regeneration. Lymphatic massage promotes detoxification, facilitates healing, and supports the immune system.